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Create a Music Playlist (CAMP)


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We suggest to help find songs and artists and instantly listen to the tunes. While you're there you can set up your own personal playlist.

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We suggest to help find songs and artists, view videos and even read the lyrics. You can also set up your own personal playlist.

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Make sure your DJ plays the music YOUR guests want to hear, and you'll ensure that you ALWAYS have the most successful event possible!

The most successful party always plays the BEST music possible for their guests!  No more guess work for DJ's.  No more bad music choices ... we all know that can kill a party mood! 

When you use your CreateAMusicPlaylist (CAMP) site, you'll be able to determine whether you have a country music crowd, a rock & roll crowd, a hip-hop crowd or a mix of several genre's.  The important thing is.... you'll be ready for anything!

Use your CAMP site to instantly create a music playlist that your guests will love!  Simply invite your guests to post their list of favorites on your CAMP site.  Whether it's a wedding reception, stag & doe, corporate party, retirement party or any other type of event, the music played will contribute to the success of the event!   


* You'll have access to your personal CAMP site for a maximum period of 90 days, at which time the system will purge the data.






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